Zuckerberg Supports Education, Donates Million

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Washington: Face book CEO Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla and I are giving $20 million to continue our support of Education Super Highway to help them connect all of America’s classrooms to fast and reliable internet.

If you’ve followed my posts, you know I care deeply about giving everyone the opportunities of the internet, says Zuckerberg.

In schools, internet is critical for enabling something we know leads to better results, personalized learning.
Most schools in the US are connected, but less than half have high-speed broadband.

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This means most students can’t use personalized learning software that helps them learn content they’re interested in, at their own pace and in a style customized to them. And it means teachers can’t access many of the resources available online.

Every classroom should have fast internet access, and thanks to Education Super Highway, President Obama’s Connect ED initiative and the work of many other partners, we’re making great progress.

One day we’ll connect the world and provide personalized learning for all students, and we’ll keep focusing on this until that happens.