Zubeen Garg Apologizes For Disrespecting Indian Army’s Uniform

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Mumbai: Indian Singer and movie director Zubeen Garg has appologised to the Indian Army for hurting their sentiments by wearing the uniform cap, with a promise that “similar mistake will not happen in future again”.

According to sources, the ‘Ya Ali’ hit-maker said, “The incident happened is very unwanted and I’m really sorry because my recent film ‘Mission China’ is about Indian Army. I made this film to promote Indian Army and I am playing a colonel in the movie.”

“That day, I met a major and he told me that I cannot wear that Indian army cap. After the incident ended, the repercussions were different and everybody revolted on Facebook and Twitter, which is sad and very unwanted. And, I feel sorry for that. I personally say sorry to Indian Army and will not happen in future. We cannot live without Indian Army. We salute them, respect them,” he added.

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Garg while returning to Guwahati from Delhi was reportedly asked to take off his cap by a defence personnel at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. While Zubeen refused to do so, later he also told mediapersons, ‘”An army person asked me to take off my cap. I told him you are Major but I am Colonel. So, you should salute me.”

His act invited strong criticism on social media and even a retired IAF sergeant filed a formal complaint against Garg to the Defence Minister and high ranking defence officials.

The movie ‘Mission China’ is an Assamese language action drama film directed by Zubeen Garg and produced by Garima Saikia Garg under the banner of ‘I Creation Productions’. The film features Zubeen Garg and Deeplina Deka in lead roles.