Zoomcar’s PEDL In Kolkata Aims Pedal For Greener & Fitter Tomorrow


Mousumi Das, Kolkata: Self-drive car company, Zoomcar, has recently launched PEDL in Kolkata. PEDL is the technology enabled cycle sharing service that has already been launched in other Indian cities like Pune, Chennai and Bangalore.This app based bicycle service is the latest buzz for the fitness freaks. On International Yoga Day the PEDL bicycles were spotted in various places of Kolkata. Although in Kolkata it is only operated from Golf Greens.It was also spotted in Salt Lake and Newtown area. The appearance of this smart bicycle has made the commoners curious as many are still unaware of this app based bicycle.

Earlier, after its launch the Zoomcar stated that the company forayed in this new segment with an aim to provide individuals a convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly cycle sharing service for short trips around the city. In Kolkata many IT companies are using PEDL bicycles especially in Newtown area.

Zoomcar will serve local use cases such as grocery shopping, errand running, and last mile commuting. The point to point nature of the service offers significant flexibility to the end user across the day.

PEDL was designed to complement Zoomcar’s existing car sharing business through serving an additional part of the personal transportation stack. Zoomcar expects to cross 10,000 cycles on road in 2017 with much larger expansion plans to follow in 2018.

After several weeks in pilot, PEDL presently operates over 500 cycles in 3 cities – Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. In Bangalore, the cycles are available at – HSR Layout, Chennai – Besant Nagar and Kolkata – Golf Greens.

PEDL cycles come with various unique features including but not limited to custom designed aluminum alloy frames and drum brakes, anti-slip chains, airless solid tyres, and height adjustable seats. These cycles are designed to support 24 plus months of intensive use, built with smart locks which are easily unlocked using a QR Code. PEDL’s robust IoT stack is an extension of Zoomcar’s Cadabra IoT platform and includes real-time GPS tracking, solar battery charging, and built-in alarms.

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