Zoo Visit Is Easy Now Through Application


Kolkata: Zoo Visit is more easier now. Alipore Zoo Authority plans to introduce new application. The application will provide information regarding genres of animals , birds, and mammals and GPS system.

150 years old Alipore Zoo is becoming digital soon . After introducing online ticketing system,zoo authority is planning to launch their own application at the end of this year.

Alipore Zoo approximately acquires 46 acre land. Annually 30 lac people comes to visit the place. Among 108 kind of species there are 1 thousands 300 animals, birds,and mammals available. This application will guide the visitors to reach their preferred zone and find out the preferred animals as this will have a GPS system. Apart from this The distance between the animal and the visitors will be there in the GPS system.

Ashish Samanta, the head of Alipore Zoo informed, “Authority has used shine-board to guide the visitors but they used to make the same mistakes. But we are expecting that the app will remove the confusions. Informations will be available there.”

Another reason behind the application to help to identify the new type of species, animals and categories of species. Many animals the similar in looks but different in nature and lifecycles. All these informations will be available there.

Clicking the certain name after reaching the animal cage will show the entire information on the animals. This will raise the demand of ‘Dear’, ‘Monkey’, others than only ‘Tiger’ and ‘Lion’. This will have a video using voice over.

Digitization of Alipore Zoo will increase the visitors and entertain the visitors. Authority plans to launch the application at the end of this year.