Zero Tolerance For Stunts Like ‘KiKi Chanllenge’ In Kolkata: KP

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Kolkata: When Kiki Challenge has become a worrying trend on the social media platforms, the Kolkata Traffic Police on Thursday released its advisory on its social media handles and urged people not to perform the ‘risky’ dance challenge on roads.

On a day when the video of a woman dressed in a taantkurta performing the controversial ‘Kiki challenge’ surfaced, Kolkata Police issued a warning against trying such antics. The challenge that involves dancing to Canadian singer Drake’s song ‘In My Feelings’ next to a moving vehicle has been in the news for the wrong reasons after many variations of the challenge across the globe spiralled out of hand.

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According to TOI an officer at the traffic headquarters, Lalbazar said, “The challenge is catching the imagination of the young generation and we do not want to take chances, lest someone gets hurt. We want citizens to be aware that it is a dangerous and illegal act and we have zero tolerance for such stunts.” The warning, claimed KP sources, had nothing to do with the ‘#Kiki challenge Kolkata’ video, which shows a woman in a yellow kurta hopping out of a moving car and presenting some traditional dance moves before hopping back into the car.

Earlier on Sunday (July 29), Bengali actress Darshana Banik uploaded her Kiki Challenge video, which was performed on a Kolkata road, on her social account and it went viral very soon.

“If popular faces promote such risky games, general people and their fans start copying that. So, we are requesting celebrities as well as general people not to promote or perform Kiki Challenge,” a police official said.

So far, police in Mumbai, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bengaluru and Gujarat have issued warnings against performing the challenge.

On July 31, IT professional Panchali Kar had posted a satirical comment on her Facebook wall, asking people to take up the ‘Kiki challenge’ on Behala roads. She was taking a dig at the poor roads in Behala. Many replied with tongue-in-cheek comments, suggesting the challenge to be taken up on Dakshineswar or EM Bypass, too. Kar, who on Thursday saw the video of the woman in yellow, said, “Undoubtedly, she danced well without hurting herself on the streets. However, the challenge is risky. Some people from Kolkata even wanted to try the challenge with a moving auto or a cab..”

Meanwhile, Odissi dancer Sanchita Bhattacharya has circulated posters at her dance school warning her students about the consequences of accepting the challenge. “I have asked my students not to use dance to risk their lives. This new challenge involves immense risk with no gain,” Bhattacharya said.

According to dancer and choreographer Sudarshan Chakraborty, such “addictive challenges appeal to wannabes looking for 15 minutes of fame”. “Many believe that since they are trained, they won’t get hurt. But I can’t imagine my students doing something so shallow to get fame. Yet, I am issuing a warning. Hope good sense prevails,” Chakraborty said.

The saving grace is that unlike other cities, Kolkata is rather new to the challenge. Unlike other film industries, no Tollywood star has posted such a video. Is this a sign of maturity of Kolkata’s youth? “I received such a video on WhatsApp. However, it wasn’t from a Kolkata participant. I wouldn’t say Kolkata has grown up. The city has no dearth of people ready for such acts. However, Kolkata’s urban infrastructure is unsuitable for such challenges,” said sociologist Ruby Sain, who teaches at Jadavpur University.