Yuva Music Festival Commemorates World Music Day


Kolkata: Academy for Musical Excellence (AMEC) on Tuesday hosted a grand concert commemorating the World Music Day at the Palladian Lounge in Kolkata under the second edition of the “Yuva Music Festival”, Transforming Lives with Music.

This year, the festival is bigger with 20 concerts, 10 competitions, 6 talk shows and 1 International Piano Master class and Workshop.

Yuva Music Festival or YMF’15 is essentially a ‘Celebration of Creativity’ or a ‘Platform for the Young artists’; where it’s all about setting one’s wildest dreams and passion into motion. Yuva Music Festival (YMF) is not only a panorama of events to test the artistic skills of the youth from all over the country but also an endeavor to bring together eminent artists as well as celebrities across the globe in an attempt to unite and strengthen our society through music.

“Yuva Music Festival is a breath of fresh air in the crowded scene of commercial shows. Yuva Music Festival has a purpose, a direction and a vision. It is a musical movement, a musical journey and gradually every year one will witness the change it will bring to children and youth.” said Mr. Surendranath Majumdar, the Director of Yuva Music Festival.

The members of the Bengali band – Cactus were felicitated for their outstanding contribution in popularizing the concept of band in Kolkata.

The audiences at the Palladian lounge witnessed a very special performance by “The Soul Mates” featuring Arnab Bhattacharjee playing the Sarod, vocalist Supriyo Dutta and Indrajit Dey on the Keyboards.

Present at the concert for Yuva Music Festival were Mr. Surendranath Majumdar, Director – YMF & AMEC; Mr. Stephane Amalir, Director – Alliance Française du Bengale; Mr. John Rafi, Principal of La Martiniere for Boys; Mr. V Solomon Nesakumar, IPS officer; alongside the talented students from Academy for Musical Excellence (AMEC).

Yuva Music Festival will be culminating in a grand finale at Science City Auditorium on 3rd August 2015.