Youths Lost Their Inspiration With Atalji’s Demise: Shah


New Delhi: BJP President Amit Shah holds a press conference on Thursday and calls Vajpayee the star of the politics.

Shah claims it impossible to fill Vajpayee’s absence in politics and hails Vajpayee’s patriotism. “Whatever Atal Ji spoke, he spoke in the favour of the country, be it his fight against the Emergency, his stand for Bangladesh or his effort in proliferating Hindi, he did not just work as the chief of the BJP but worked as a politician for the country. May the God give all of us the strength to cope with the demise of Atal ji,” says Shah.

“The country has lost its poet, its orator, the poor have lost its voice, and many youths have lost their inspiration with Atal Ji’s demise,” says Shah.

Further, Shah informed at 9 am tomorrow, Vajpayee’s mortal remains will be taken to BJP headquarters. At 1 pm his last journey will begin and the funeral will be held at 4 pm at Smriti Sthal.