Youth Sexually Assaults Girlfriend, Dumps Her Later


Ashoknagar: A 15 year old girl was allegedly raped several times by a youth, who later on refused this relationship, which led her to attempt to commit suicide.

The girl, a resident of Dumdum Nager Bazaar area was allegedly sexually assaulted in a cinema hall by the youth named Apurva Chakrabarty. Reports suggest that both were in a relationship. Later the boy refused the relationship which led the girl to try to end her life.

The couple met at Ashoknagar Kayadanga during ‘Jagadhatri puja’ while the girl was at her uncle’s place. The boy lived in the neighborhood. Since then a relationship began to grow between them. However, the girl’s family claim that Apurva repeatedly tried to persuade their girl by saying that he would take his own life if she doesn’t love her back. The girl was trapped emotionally by him, as complained by the family members.

As days proceeded, Apurva took the girl to a cinema hall in Habra’s Ashoknagar where he repeatedly sexually assaulted her. Later the boy called her over the phone and said that his marriage was fixed and she should not disturb him and call him further. This caused a major breakdown for the girl and she tried to end her life by cutting her wrist and by drinking kerosene.

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