Youth Receives New Lease Of Life, Thanks MP Ritabrata


Kolkata: “At times, there are accusations against MPs and MLAs. But that some good people still exists has been proved once again. I have got a new lease of life because of Ritabrata babu.”

Such were the words of Bibek Biswas who is fighting hard just to increase the time-span of his life. An overwhelmed Bibek thanked MP Ritabrata Banerjee for saving his life. But what exactly happened to him ? How did an MP come in the picture ? Let us delve into its details…

Nadia’s Bibek lost both his kidneys at the age of 30 years only. His parents felt helpless as they did not know what to do because they did not have much money. Starting from Tehatta Hospital to Kolkata’s SSKM, nothing could come into the family’s aid. The elongated procedure of the Government hospitals served no hope to the Biswas family. 30 different kinds of medical tests were given which would take atleast 3-4 months. This led them to go to the private hospital. But one question troubled them. Private hospitals demand more money. Where would they get it from?

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Bibek said,”I got to know that several times the funds from the MPs accounts are used to help the needy to fulfill their private hospital bills. Tapas Paul is the MP from my area but at present he is in jail. I became more upset. At this moment, I got to know CPM’s RS MP Ritabrata Banerjee through Salil, a member of the District Council. He assured me of help after listening to my entire story.”

Bibek was overwhelmed when he got good news from MP Ritabrata over the phone. Let us read it through Bibek’s words:

“MP Ritabrata called me today morning itself. A help was sought from the Prime Minister’s fund for my treatment. Ritabrata babu informed that the application for the help was approved.” He praised the MP saying that several times MPs and MLAs are accused of misdeeds, but good people still exists. He said that through the help of Ritabrata babu he got a new lease of life. Bibek informed us that very soon his kidney transplantation would be conducted at a private hospital in Mukundapur.

Letter Sent From The PMO

MP Ritabrata Banerjee, who is at present in Delhi, said that, “The help of Rs 2 lakh 90 thousand rupees from the Prime Minister’s fund for Bibek’s kidney transplantation has been approved.” The MP also added that, “The citizens of the country elect their representatives for the purpose of helping them. So, I do not consider this as a big thing that I have done.”

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MP Ritabrata has even posted in his facebook page thanking Nadia district’s CPM president Sumit for introducing him to Bibek. When contacted with Sumit, he said, “This is excellent news. I would be more happy when Bibek would get well very soon and return back home. He even thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

ঋতব্রতের তৎপরতায় মোদীর হস্তক্ষেপ, ‘নতুন জীবন’ যুবকের

MP Ritabrata has even stood by poor people before. He had provided Rs. 2.5 lakhs for the kidney transplantation of Ayan Dutta, a 30 year old person from Jadavpur.

Story By: Bijoy Roy
Edited By: Saheli Dey

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