Youth Lynched After Suspecting Theft In Tiger Prawn Fishery


Tamluk: A youth was caught pilfering in the tiger prawn fishery on Tuesday night. The incident took place in the late night on Tuesday in Khejuri area of Bajbajia. The angry fishermen attacked the youth and thrashed him.

After getting the news of the incident the Haria police reached the spot. They rescued the accused youth from the angry mob. The accused was taken to primary health center as he was in critical injured.

Local fishermen said that on Tuesday night some youths came in three bikes. They came to the tiger prawn point, they entered the fishery and put the net to catch tiger prawns from the fishery.Soon they were surrounded by the fishermen. All the youths fled away but except one who was caught by the fishermen.

Local farmers alleged, often fish were stolen from the fishery. Some of the people in the have stolen from various fishery point. As a result, farmers have to face losses due to this. There was anger among the peasants. The angry farmers were hopeful that the remaining accused will also be nabbed.