Celebration Turns Tragic, Youth Drowns In Ganga


Howrah: In a tragic incident, a 25 year old youth drowned at the river Ganga amid the celebrations of ‘Raksha Kali’ on the wee hours of Sunday.

কাকভোরে গঙ্গায় ডুবে মৃত্যু যুবকের

The tragic incident took place when the locals of Howrah were celebrating the ‘immersion’ day of their famous Hindu ritual. Kundan Singh drowned during the ongoing celebrations. The locals rescued Kundan and rushed him to the Howrah district hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead. Kundan was a resident of the M.C. Ghosh lane in Howrah.

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The relatives of Kundan protested against the police when they reached the hospital after receiving the information. They have accused the police of coming late in spite of knowing about the incident. This has resulted in a chaos in and around the hospital area.