Youth Arrested Over Mao Threat Letter


Bankura: A youth named Aditya Murmu has been arrested by Police for giving Mao threat letter to a person. The incident happened in Bankura’s Ranibadh area.

Cops arrested the accused on Sunday night and he produced on court at Monday. According to police sources, Shyamlal Tudu, a lamps worker received a threat letter few days ago. The threat letter warns him to give sixty thousands. If he shall not give the amount then he will be finished, the letter to him served that.

Shyamal Tudu informed the police. Police arrested him like TV thriller show. At first cops presented the place in civil dress where the accused directed Shyamal to present with money.

Sukhendu Hira, Police Supar of Bankura said in a statement that police arrested the accused who extorted money issuing threat letter. Police started investigation to reveal the truth.