Youth arrested for making prank call


Panaji: A 19 year old youth was arrested today for making a hoax call that there would be an attack on US President Barack Obama during his visit to India.

According to police, the youth called up Delhi police control room at around 7 am on Thursday morning telling that there would be attack on the US President.

Police Superintendent Sekharprabhu Desai said, “the youth called and said that he had heared a secret call where it has been clearly said that there will be attack on Obama. After that he disconnected the call.”

Police traced the call and arrested the caller 25 kms from Panaji. After being arrested the youth has reportedly told police that he had made the call for the sake of getting fame.

He had the desire to take part in the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi but failed. After that he came up with this mischievous plan.