Youth Arrested In Kolkata For Smuggling Drugs From Bengaluru


Kolkata: Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB) has arrested one person for smuggling drugs in famous colleges of Kolkata on Friday late night. Reportedly, all the drugs used to supplied from Bengaluru.

According to NCB, name of the arrested is Mubbasir Mannan who has been booked from a house in Bhawanipore area. Reportedly, five LSD blot paper and 7gm MDMA have been seized from him. The authority is saying those drugs will worth 1.5 lakh.

On June 27 three college student have been arrested by Kolkata police. They are Soumik Mukherjee, Mriganku Bhattacharyya who are students of renowned management and engineering college. Another student Koustav Kar MCA student. Police after an interrogation got to know Mubbasir name. Another investigation has been lodged after the incident.

Many times many drug smuggling case has been revealed from Kolkata with huge amount of drugs. In last few days, many incident of drug smuggling came out in connection of many students.

Police came to know, all the drugs have been brought from Bengaluru. Police is suspecting more people involvement. Investigation underway following the incident.