Your ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Now In Congress Manifesto


New Delhi: The Congress party has decided to send manifesto advisors to every village to know about the problems of the people which they have kept in their ‘mann’ or minds. This comes as an attack by the Congress party against Modi’s Mann Ki Baat. The Congress leadership believes that by doing this they will be able to represent the problems of the people in the party manifesto during the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Recently, the Congress launched a dedicated website to take suggestions from the public to prepare the party’s manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections under the theme ‘Jan Aawaz’ (people’s voice).

At a press conference in New Delhi, senior party leader and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram launched the website — He said the website has the option for 16 languages and also a dedicated WhatsApp number to receive suggestions.

“We hope that millions of people participate in the manifesto consultations,” Mr Chidambaram said. Congress has started work to write it’s manifesto for the 2019 elections, he said adding that a 22 member committee has been constituted to make it.

“The process of consultation started on October 1,” Mr Chidambaram said. There are more than 20 subjects that would be taken care of including agriculture, economy, industry and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

“Till date, over 30 consultations have taken place for the preparation of the manifesto and about 150-160 more till December end.”

The Congress Working Committee will take a decision on a draft manifesto prepared by the committee. The manifesto will be launched at an appropriate time before the 2019 elections, Mr Chidambaram added.

The manifesto is supposed to contain details of different religions, languages and people from different parts of the world. Congress believes that they will be able to represent a secular and undivided India in their manifesto.

According to Congress president Rahul Gandhi, the manifesto advisors will spread to each corner of the country. They will speak to voters. They would like to know the opinion of the people on topics such as health, education, employment, FDI, GST and other issues. They will also enquire that what do they expect from the next government. The manifesto will be made based on these answers.

According to sources, Chidambaram is expected to visit the state on November 8 and preside over a meeting with the party’s Pradesh leadership. The issue of manifesto and its advisories will be discussed.