What Young Women Think Of Sexual Pleasure


“Why do girls feel empowered to engage in sexual activity but not to enjoy it?” What’s wrong with the young girls of today is that they find an easy way to empowerment and equality through sex. What’s wrong with this practice is that they are stripping sexual encounters of its very soul – pleasure. The ‘orgasm gap’ needs to be spoken to women openly especially about their bodies and intimacy.

Oral sex as an easy route

Women prefer oral sex as a less intimate form of practice. For many. it was a way to feel desired, a way to boost social status and sometimes, just an escape route from a difficult situation, like when they wanted to avoid sex.

The phenomena of pubic hair removal

The rising pubic hair removal reminded me of the 1920s, when women first started regularly shaving their armpits and their legs… That a girl’s most intimate part is open to public scrutiny, open to critique, to becoming more about how it looks to someone else than how it feels to her.

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The shaving trend has sparked another rise in labiaplasty. Labiaplasty, which is the trimming of the inner and outer labia, is the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery among teenage girls.

The idea of ‘Intimate Justice’

Intimate justice asks us to consider who is entitled to engage in an experience. Who is entitled to enjoy it? Who is the primary beneficiary? And how does each partner define “good enough”? Yyoung women were more likely than young men to use their partner’s pleasure as a measure of their satisfaction.”

What’s wrong with our education system

“It always grays out between the legs. So we never say vulva, we certainly never say clitoris. No surprise, fewer than half of teenage girls age 14 to 17 have ever masturbated. And then they go into their partnered experience and we expect that somehow they’ll think sex is about them, that they’ll be able to articulate their needs, their desires, their limits. It’s unrealistic.”

About virginity

Talking of a girl, who wasn’t sure if she had lost her virginity. This helps us reconceptualise it as a pool of experiences that include warmth, affection, arousal, desire, touch, intimacy.”

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