Young Producer Aritra Das’s Top Tip For Filmmakers


Mousumi Das, Kolkata: “I think there are many young producers who are making good content, I am also trying to make my niche,” says the 28 year old techie-turn-young producer Aritra Das. With the advent of the digital era, film making has become a highly accessible process to everyone but to maintain benchmark in the industry what matters most is the uniqueness in the work. He shares his experiences of working on digital platform.

While talking to Kolkata24x7 about his latest project A Tribute to Rituparno Ghosh “SEASONS GREETINGS” that deals with abolishment of section 377. The film is directed by the author-filmmaker Ram Kamal Mukherjee, the film starts beauty queen Celina Jaitley who is set to return to Bollywood after seven years,veteran actor Lillette Dubey and debutant actor Azhar Khan. The shooting of the movie will be done in Kolkata post Diwali.Here you take a look what the young producer says:

1. What is the most important thing you have learned being in this industry?

The most important aspect is to maintain relationship with people, never hurt anyone’s sentiments. Everyone in Bollywood comes with their own vision and dream. Everyone wants to make it big. And everyone takes different routes to make it happen.

2. With the advent of the digital era, film making has become a highly accessible process to everyone what new thing would you like to bring for the audiences?

That’s exactly what we are trying to change as a production house. Assorted Motion Pictures believes in quality product. There are filmmakers who are making short films in ten thousand and there are filmmakers who are making it in one lac also. But when we make a product, be it Cakewalk or Season’s Greetings, we maintain a certain standard and benchmark which will meet the expectations of big studios. Anyone can make a film in todays time, that’s not an issue. But to maintain a certain quality you also need to take a certain financial risk. The choice is completely your own.

3. Tell us about your latest project?

Our second venture is an unique concept that deals with abolishment of section 377. A Tribute to Rituparno Ghosh SEASONS GREETINGS will be directed by Ram Kamal Mukherjee, and stars Celina Jaitly, Lillette Dubey and Azhar Khan. The film marks debut of Kumar Sanu son Jaan as playback singer in this movie. 4. How would you describe the role of a producer? How would you describe yourself as a young producer?

Producer is someone working as a bridge between creative and commercial team. It’s one of the most important position that can backfire if he or she doesn’t have the knowledge of controlling the budget from day one. Every product is valued at a certain rate, the evaluation of product is done by a producer. I think there are many young producers who are making good content, I am also trying to make my niche.

5. How does what you learned from producing short films apply to making larger budget feature films?

The best part is that after making Cakewalk and Season’s Greetings, I know what exactly I have to do when I am making a full length feature film. The difference will be only the extra number of days that we will be shooting. As I have mentioned earlier that we make short feature films, but the standard is of any full length feature film.

6. What is your top tip for filmmakers who want to approach producers for their projects?

We are looking for good content for web series and various other platforms. As of now we are working with Ram Kamal Mukherjee as our director and he is the final word when it comes to any creative or content decision. But at the same time, we are open working with newer talents provided we see commercial benefit and return of the investment. At the end of the day we are there to make business, unless we make profit or at least break even, then it’s no point in making films, I’d rather sell phucka outside Victoria Memorial!