Yogi Promises All Help To Slain Apple Executive’s Widow


Lucknow (IANS): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday promised all help to Kalpana Tiwari, the widow of Apple executive Vivek Tiwari who was shot dead by a police constable for allegedly not stopping when asked to do so on Saturday.

At the meeting, the Chief Minister assured all help to the bereaved family and said that justice will be done at all costs.

He also told the family that the conduct of the killer police constable, Prashant Chowdhary, was unacceptable and he had been sacked and booked for murder.

At the meeting, which took place in a sombre atmosphere, an official told IANS that the distraught widow broke down many times and wondered aloud how she would bring up her daughters in the absence of her husband.

Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma had taken Kalpana Tiwari and her two daughters – Shanu and Shivi. She was also accompanied by her brother Vishnu Tiwari.

The Chief Minister also spoke briefly to the two daughters of Vivek Tiwari.

Dinesh Sharma met Kalpana Tiwari and other family members of the deceased late on Sunday and coordinated a teleconference between them and the Chief Minister.

Clearly cornered by the horrific incident, senior officials and political leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party swung into action late at night on Sunday and ensured that the Chief Minister met the family the first thing on Monday.

Adityanath has already announced Rs 25 lakh in financial assistance to the family and a government job for Kalpana Tiwari with the Lucknow Municipal Corporation.

A CCTV footage that surfaced on Monday also punctured the claims of the accused policemen that they opened fire at the 38-year-old when he refused to stop the car, drove away at high speed and tried to run them over.

The footage, a police official privy to the probe ordered by the government said, showed the SUV being driven at normal speed and halting about 500 meters from where the man on the wheel was shot and then bumping into a pillar of the under pass.