Yogi Government Makes Aadhaar Mandatory For UP Students


Lucknow: The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has made Aadhaar Card mandatory for students from Class 1 to 8 in government schools. The Basic Education department has been entrusted with this task involving over 1.75 crore students.

The Basic Education Minister Anupama Jaiswal said that directions have been issued in this regard. “The main aim of the government is to link their Aadhaar Card number with different welfare schemes, including mid-day meal, run by the state for the welfare of primary students,” she said.

The Aadhaar will also help the basic education department to keep a tab on their attendance as well as their performance. “This will certainly help the government to check the drop-out rate and ensure quality education to primary students,” said the minister after holding review meeting of the department.

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The Yogi government has also decided to replace Khakhi dress of primary students with vibrant pink shirt and blue pants for boys, and pink kurti and blue pyjama for girls. The new dress code would be effective this session from July. Orders have already been placed for the distribution of free dress.

In fact, it was CM Adityanath who had raised an objection on school dress in the state saying that students look more like policemen. He had ordered for selection of new dress as per choices of students and parents. After taking opinion from them, the basic education department finally selected the new dress.

The Basic Education department has also decided to form a six-member committee of mothers in over 1.25 lahh primary schools in the state. Known as ‘Maa’, the committee would randomly check the quality of food being served in mid-day meal. Each primary school will have separate committee to ensure quality food to students.

It has also issued directives to bring every child to schools and ensure distribution of free school bags, shoes, and text book by July first week.