Yoga guru Ramdev as Haryana’s Brand Ambassador


Haridwar: Yoga guru Ramdev has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Haryana. Ramdev’s name was announced at a news conference at the Divya Yog Mandir at Haryana by the state government.

Haryana’s minister of sports and health Anil Vij said that a herbal forest would be developed over thousands of acres of land in the state where plants of 25 thousand species of ayurvedic herbs would be grown under the supervision of the yoga guru and his close aide Balkrishna.

Ramdev expressed happiness on being made the brand ambassador of the state. Considering the decision, Ramdev said that Haryana would soon turn out to be India’s first yogic state.

The emphasis on yoga and Ayurveda would combine tradition with modernity and reap huge harvest for Haryana in the near future, added Ramdev.