Xiaomi Reveals Reason Behind Redmi Note 4 Explosion


Hyderabad: “Extreme external force” applied to the device has been cited as the cause of Redmi Note 4 explosion in an owner’s pocket in Andhra Pradesh after a detailed investigation done by Xiaomi.

The incident was first reported by a regional website named Sakshi.com. According to a report published on the website, Bhavana Suryakiran, a resident of Ravulapalem in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, was identified as the victim to the “explosion”.

Suryakiran had claimed the handset was purchased around 20 days ago from Flipkart and that he would move the court against Xiaomi for selling ‘defective unit’ as well as for compensation for injuries sustained. Xiaomi later established contact with the victim and gave its confirmation on the process of procuring the damaged unit to investigate the case carefully.

After a close examination, Xiaomi said: “Upon first impressions of the damaged device, we can conclude that extreme external force was applied to the device, which led to the back cover and battery being bent and screen getting damaged.” According to Suryakiran statement to the website, the smartphone caught fire while he was riding his bike.

Furthermore, Xiaomi has requested its customers “to avoid opening the device, puncturing the battery or applying extreme physical force to the device,” and advised “refrain getting smartphones repaired at unauthorised repair shops”.