WWE Superstar Matt Hardy Appears On Indian Idol


Mumbai: WWE Superstar Matt Hardy, who arrived in India on Tuesday surprised his fans by turning up on the sets of a popular reality TV show- ‘Indian Idol’. The former tag-team champion was in good spirits as he appeared in his ‘Woken version’. Apart from interacting with those on set, Hardy also shook a leg with host Manish while the participants of the contest tried to emulate Hardy. “I am very excited to be on the show and Indin Idol is a unique concept. Excited to see all the contestants,” said Hardy. While Hardy did try to sing his gimmick left everyone in peals of laughter.

Hardy seems like he is having blast in India as he was also spotted trying to devour some Indian delicacies in Mumbai.“Today, @matthardybrand was on a conquest to try & finish this #peshawari #naan! Do you think he succeeded? #IndiaWelcomesMattHardy. “ WWE India said in a tweet. Hardy also played a soccer match with Special Olympic kids

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Hardy arrived in Mumbai on Tuesday and fans will have a chance to meet him from December 4 to Thursday, December 6 and Chennai on Friday, December 7. After several years away from WWE, Matt and Jeff shockingly returned at WrestleMania 33. But later in 2017, a series of matches against Bray Wyatt woke something strange in Hardy.

“The Great War,” as Hardy called it, resulted in “Woken” Matt tossing Wyatt into The Lake of Reincarnation during a wild battle on The Hardy Compound. Wyatt reemerged at WrestleMania 34 Kickoff, where he helped Hardy win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and then hugged his former rival, giving birth to a strange new tag team.