Would Have Been Happy If Present Police Personel Punished: Hriday


Suri: After seeking justice for father in High Court and Supreme Court, Hriday Ghosh, son of late Trinamool activist Sagar Ghosh has enlisted his name in ruling party Trinamool. He is now an influential leader of the area. He has filed nomination from Kasba Panchayat Samity of Parui.

Goons have murdered Sagar Ghosh in dense dark on July 21 in 2013. Hriday Ghosh blamed TMC after death of his father. He said then, “TMC goons has murdered my father.”

তৎকালীন পুলিশ কর্তারা শাস্তি পেলে খুশি হতাম: হৃদয়

Suri District Court on Thursday convicted two people in connection to the murder. He is not satisfied with the verdict of court. He said, “Police did not make a neutral investigation on this case otherwise many aspect could have been come out. Police has demolished many testimonials regarding the case. I would have been happy if present police personell are convicted.”