Few Worst Things People Say During Sex

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While sex is an integral part of any relationship, a new survey by Saucy Dates reveals that for men and women, each gender has their own turn-on and turn-offs.

While sex is always a mix and match of passion and fumbles, it can throw up hilarious and cringe worthy moments.

They compiled a list of top ten worst phrases to hear from the partner while romping in bed.
Here are the top mood-killers to hear from their lover and it turns out what tops the list is – the wrong name.

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Shouting out somebody else’s name was also men’s pet peeve as it was ranked number one for them as well.

Coming in second for the worst thing a woman to hear is “I can’t do it”, not the most tactful let down.

And in third place is a clear signal the night’s passion is coming to an end; “I’m going soft”.
The next three were all questions one should not hear in the bedroom while the fourth was “Did you do this with your ex?”, a sure-fire way to ensure whatever it is will never be happening again.

This next one only applies to women with female siblings, but should still be avoided at all costs: “What’s your sister like?”

The third question, while not an obvious faux pas, still seems to be a source of annoyance with “What should I do next?”

Another think that ranked high was the cruel phrase of is “I don’t love you”, which will abruptly end any love-making.

Also, “I’m breaking up with you after this”, came soon after.

Furthermore, while daddy talk may seem hot, mummy issues are definitely not with ninth worst ranked phrase “Can I call you mum?”

One both men and women can relate to is “You’re almost as good as my ex”, a not so sexy compliment.

For men, they revealed the worst thing to hear from women is also being called the wrong name, closely followed by “I need a poo”.

Logistics show that “What’s the time?” comes a close third while “Is that it?” follows soon after. “Get it over as quickly as possible” is also high in the list.

Referencing parents, even for men, is a turn-off with “Do you think your Mum has ever tried this position?” in sixth place.

The words men surely dread make the list with the penultimate phrase: “You’re a bit small”. Men also seem really hung up on the name thing, with it making a comeback in last place with “What was your name again?”