Worry Not, 5K App Cabs Will Ply In Kolkata On Strike


Kolkata: A part of ‘app cab’ services will be hit on Tuesday-Wednesday over the nationwide strike called by trade unions. But the citizens need not worry as only 250-300 app cabs will not ply on the streets. But leaving that out, at least 5,500 app cabs will run.

On the other hand, the Ola-Uber along with all other app cab operators, owners and drivers have set up Ola-Uber app cab owners and drivers union after conducting a meeting at the CITU office at Shramik Bhawan. App cab operators, owners and drivers will take part in the trade union strike on Tuesday-Wednesday as claimed by CITU.

CITU claims that the strike will have an effect in Kolkata. State CITU president Subhash Mukherjee said, “250 app cab services will remain suspended in Kolkata. Among these vehicles there are other cabs apart from Ola-Uber. A huge part of yellow taxi will also not run in Kolkata. Our workers will stop vehicles on roads. They will not just sit without doing anything.”

But app-cab operator run by join forum under Madan Mitra said that 5,500 Ola-Uber will run, hence not office goers or pedestrians will face any problem. There are 3 organisations under Madan Mitra’s join forum – All India Online Cab Owners’ Welfare Association, Kolkata App Cab Association and WBCUG.

All India Online Cab Owners’ Welfare Association’s general secretary Bijnani Pramanick said, “5,500 app cab will ply in Kolkata. So the citizens need not worry.”

But CITU alleged that the app cabs run through the business by using mobile apps or through websites. For this, they do not have to face any motor vehicles. Just an app and few workers to run it. Anyone can login in the particular website and submit all the required documents and can register in Ola or Uber. The company will determine the passengers. For that the Ola-Uber will take a huge amount of commission.

Hearing the complaints from the drivers, CITU claimed that the drivers do not consider the operators as Ola-Uber employees. They are called as ‘business partners.’ Whereas, the company partially determines the cab care incentive, route-map. They themselves make their own driver rules. If anything goes wrong, the IDs of the drivers are blocked. To protest all these, the drivers will not take part on Tuesday-Wednesday.