World’s Heaviest Woman May Have Suffered Strokes Since Admission


Mumbai: The world’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed, who is currently undergoing weight loss treatment at Mumbai, has managed to loose a considerable amount of weight within a month and is showing signs of recovery, one of the doctors who is treating her told media.

However, the doctors treating the the Egyptian national with additional caution fear that she might have suffered at least two strokes since her admission at the hospital.

One of the doctors revealed before the media that “Eman, who is currently admitted at Mumbai’s Saifee hospital, suffered a stroke on Monday”.

According to a Indian Express report, doctors noticed that Eman cheerfulness would suddenly drop and she would become suddenly drowsy and rise again.

“This has happened at least twice since she came here (Saifee hospital). These are symptoms of a stroke but she is now stable,” said an official as reported.

And other major concern for the doctors is that they cannot source the trigger to Eman’s strokes.

As per reports, doctor said her cardiac functioning was being closely monitored and claimed that there was no clot in the heart to cause the stroke.

The officials said that her weight loss is being tracked by using a special weighing scale since she is unable to stand up and cannot use a normal machine.

Currently, Eman is on on a strict diet and also undergoing passive physiotherapy, which involves massages to burn fat and for blood circulation.

And the doctors have also decided to upgrade to active physiotherapy which involves actual exercise.

Eman is now able to lifet her arms and also grip something and hold herself up.

The 37-year-old is being treated for sleep apnea, hypothyroid, diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, fluid retention and most importantly obesity.

Doctors at the hospital are aiming to bring Eman’s weight down to 200 kg in 2017 itself.

Eman, who couldn’t sleep for more than 3 hours previously, is now managing a full eight-hour sleep cycle. She weighed around 500 kg at the time of her admission.