‘World’s First’ Ladies Special Train Completes 26 Years


Mumbai: The first ‘ladies special’ train in the world, started between Churchgate and Borivali stations on the Western Railway (WR), completes 26 years Saturday.

It was on May 5, 1992 that the WR had introduced a suburban train service to ferry only women passengers between the two stations.

Initially, there were only two daily services, but the number has now gone up to eight services a day- four each in the morning and evening peak hours.

“Dedicating an entire train to women commuters has gone down in the annals of history and the WR has become the torch-bearer for other Railways. It is nothing less than a milestone that dedicating an entire train exclusively for women commuters for so many years has undoubtedly helped over one million-plus Mumbai women commuters to travel safety to and from their homes and workplaces,” WR chief spokesperson Ravinder Bhakar said.

The First Ladies special train, flagged off on Western Railways, was initially run between Churchgate and Borivali and further extended upto Virar in the year 1993. The ladies special has been a boon for the working women who had to earlier struggle to board the ladies compartment in the regular trains.

Dedicating an entire train to women meant they could travel more comfortably, which was the primary aim of the services. Running successfully for 26 years on one of the busiest suburban lines it is considered a blessing by all women commuters.