World’s First Electric Road Opens in Sweden


Stockholm: In a bid to promote green energy, the world’s first electric road is now under testing in Sweden. The road near the city of Gävle in central Sweden will serve as a testing ground for electrically-powered trucks which will operate under real traffic conditions. The hybrid electric trucks from Scania will operate on the 2 km strip on the E16 motorway using conductive technology developed by Siemens.

The technology behind the concept allows the trucks to operate as electric vehicles when on the electrified road and as regular hybrid vehicles when on other stretches.

Scania trucks are Euro 6-certified and run on biofuel. The vehicle receives its electrical power from a pantograph power collector which is in turn connected to overhead power lines that are above the right-hand lane of the road. The trucks are capable of freely connecting and disconnecting from the overhead wires while in motion.

If the truck goes outside the electrically-powered lane, the pantograph is disconnected and the truck then runs on the combustion engine or the battery-powered electric motor. The same technique applies if the driver wants to overtake another vehicle in a different lane.

The project is seen as a key component in achieving the country’s ambition of an energy-efficient and fossil-free vehicle fleet by 2030.