World Must Unite Against Terror: Modi

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Ankara: Condemning strongly the terrorist attack in Paris, India on Sunday made a case for united global effort to combat the menace of terrorism.

“We stand united in strongly condemning the dreadful acts of terrorism in Paris… The entire humanity must stand together as one against terrorism. The need for a united global effort to combat terrorism has never been more urgent,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the meeting of the BRICS leaders on the sidelines of the G20 Summit at Antalya in Turkey.

India, which takes over the Chairmanship of BRICS from 1st February 2016, will accord priority to combating terrorism, he said. PM Modi also thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for hosting the BRICS meeting. Entire humanity must stand together, the PM said.

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Modi, who reached Antalya late last night from London after his three-day visit to the United Kingdom, tweeted he would “meet world leaders and discuss global economic and security issues”. Hours before the summit began, suspected Islamic State militants also targeted Turkey with two strikes, including a suicide bombing, reported from the southern part of the country.

The official agenda at the G20 Summit is likely to be overshadowed by a series of intense meetings the world leaders will hold on the Paris terror attacks, the Syrian civil war, the refugee crisis in Europe, and the growing threat of terror group, the Islamic State.

At the BRICS meeting, Modi said the attacks in Paris and Beirut “remind us of terror’s growing spread and impact”. “The need for a united global effort to fight terrorism had never been more urgent. This must also be a priority for BRICS,” he said.

Modi said India attaches highest importance to BRICS. “There was a time when the logic of BRICS and its lasting capacity were being questioned … We want to build on the great work done by other members of the group,” he said.

BRICS is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, a group of developing or newly-industrialized countries formed in 2009. The group represents over 3 billion people or over 40 per cent of the world population.