It’s A Working ‘Holi-Day’ For Sec V This Year

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Kolkata: All big Sector-V tech companies are doing something this Holi that they have never done before: forfeit their Dol and Holi holidays and keep offices open on both days.

A combination of factors has prompted biggies like Cognizant, TCS, Wipro and Capgemini to effect this change in their usual annual holiday calendar. This, in turn, has necessitated — in their jargon — a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which, for the lay person, means a contingency plan to move their employees between office and home on Dol and Holi when the city shuts down and there is little transport on the road.

“We have estimated around 500 employees will turn up on both days,” a senior executive of a Sector-V major said. “So we have requisitioned buses and smaller vehicles for early-morning drops to office. And, every woman employee will get a pick-up and drop,” he added.

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The company aims to bring all employees to office by 9am, before celebrations on the road get boisterous.

Employees, too, are chipp-ing in. Four friends, who work in another tech firm, have decided to go for a car pool to go to office on the two days. “My friend stays in Howrah, near my home in Salkia. We will pick up two more colleagues from central Kolkata and head to Sector V. We plan to reach by 8am and leave after 5pm, by when the revelry on thoroughfares is over. The project we are working on now does not allow us to work from home,” one of them said, requesting anonymity (none of the four is authorised to speak to the media).

Cops, too, have planned things accordingly. Bidhananagar police commissioner Gyanwant Singh said: “This will not pose too much of a problem. We will deploy enough personnel. We will put check-posts in the zone. Anyone in trouble can dial 100 for immediate assistance.”

A combination of factors has led to this situation, say tech firm spokespersons. “Most of the tech firms working out of Sector V declared a Holiday on January 23 (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s birth anniversary) for the first time this year. This meant a day less from their 10-holiday annual roster. What has made matters more complicated is that none of these scheduled offs are on a weekend; this means there is no room to accommodate the additional off days,” the HR manager of a firm said. Concurred the spokesperson of another firm: “Even Durga Puja this year has a Tuesday-to-Friday schedule. Diwali is on a Wednesday and December 25 is a Tuesday.”

Source: TOI