Workers trapped in tunnel for 9 days

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Bilaspur: two of three workers  safely rescued from tunnel. One worker is still to be traced.

update at 5.16

For nine days, rescue workers have been digging their way through a hill, inch by inch, driven by hope and feeble voices heard on a CCTV camera. In a few hours, they hope to pull out three men trapped in a collapsed tunnel in Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh. Rescue operations were in the final stages as rescuers on Monday managed to penetrate the roof of the tunnel and came close to evacuating two workers stuck in it for over 200 hours in Himachal Pradesh, officials said. An NDRF team has entered the tunnel to rescue the trapped workers, according to reports.

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Last week, two of the men appeared on a high resolution video camera that was inserted down a pipe, and they have been in touch with the rescue workers since.

“We can survive for another 7-8 days…Please keep going,” one of the men, Satish Tomar, pleaded, his co-worker Maniram by his side. Their third companion Hriday Ram has not been seen or heard since the accident.

Family members of the trapped men have been camping at the site. Some of them were in tears when the drilling machine stopped working on Saturday. As the work resumed this morning, they were seen folding their hands in prayer.