Workers Of This State Has Not Received Wages For 10 Months


Bankura: The workers of the state’s watershed development project resorted to protests on Tuesday as they did not get wages for the last 8-10 months. On Tuesday, they protested in front of Upakrishi Adhikarta’s Bhawan. They also demanded the intervention of chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

In 2013, 60 got appointment letters for PMKSOI in the WBC post. After that they received their salaries, but then for 8 months they did not. 60% of the salary was given by the central government. The remaining 40% was given by the state government. But later on the rules changed, where the state and the centre would jointly contribute 50% of the salary. But it is being alleged that both did not take any initiative in the matter and hence they were not receiving any salaries.

The protesters threatened that if they do not not get their salaries, then they will be compelled to commit suicide.

Jhantu Hazra, on behalf of the protestors said that, “We are connected with centre-state’s joint project. After getting appointed in 2013, we are not getting our salaries for more than 8 months. We are now facing extreme financial problems such that assembling money to come to office has become a problem too. If this goes on, then we will become beggars.”

The protestors demanded retirement after 60 must be made and also asked for their wage arrears.