Work Before Organization: Partha’s Piece Of Advice To Teachers


Kolkata: “Work should hold prime importance before political engagements, “, State Education Minister Partha Chattopadhyay while addressing new Primary Teacher recruitees in Surendranath College’s Auditorium on Sunday.

He slammed the CPIM era when politics predominated the education scene where teachers attended schools in the morning and the rest of the day was reserved for political affairs. He warned teachers of consequences if they contribute much to politics. “Remember it is a place of service and not merely a place to earn money. Teachers should keep vigil on every issue involving their students.”

Though the schedule involved political dialogues but mainly responsible advices floated in.

Chattopadhyay ordered police verification and medical test mandatory for candidates while recruiting teachers. The department will also come out with a transfer policy to streamline and simplify the process of transfer among the teachers in state-run schools.

Teachers should pay attention to the psychological and physical well being of the students. The job is not restricted to making oneself present during the school hours. They should keep a tab on the procurement of grains for midday meal and other facilities and report to the government.

“Education is development,” should be inculcated among the students predominantly from rural areas, he added.

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