Women Who Wear Jeans Give Birth To Transgender Children:Kerela Prof


Thiruvananthapuram: Adding to an increasing list of bizarre effects of wearing jeans, a professor in Kerala recently said that women who wear jeans give birth to transgender children. Dr Rajith Kumar, a Botany professor, also said that rebellious parents conceive autistic children. He made these remarks while speaking at a gathering on social awareness in Kasaragod, Kerala. “Women who wear jeans and shirts and dress like men, give birth to children called transgender. There are over six lakh transgenders in Kerala,” he said, while addressing the gathering. He also added that only those couples give birth to “good children” who “live their lives as men and women.” He added that children of parents who are not of good character turn out to be “autistic and suffer from cerebral palsy.”

According to media reports, this is not the first time that the professor’s remarks have created an outrage. Earlier, he had made disparaging remarks against girl students while addressing them at a women’s college in the state capital Thiruvananthapuram, following which a student had booed him and walked out in protest.

This comes just after a professor in Kerala’s Farook College, Jouhar Munavvir, had allegedly likened Muslim girl students’ chests to sliced watermelons on display. And much like last time, people on social media have refused to stay quiet. Kumar has come under heavy criticism for his regressive comments and people are not mincing words while calling him for out for it.

While one wrote, “Kerala Professor Says “Transgender Kids Are Born To Women Who Wear Jeans” I think, this ‘professor’ needs more of an education that any student,” another wrote, “How do people even come up with such low thoughts?”