Women Tied to Tree and Beaten in Maldah


EnglishBazar: A woman has been tied to the tree and beaten in Bottoli area of Maldah’s Englishbazaar by Village headmen on Friday, said sources. The name of the woman is Abeda Bibi. Police came nearly two hours later and rescued the traumatized woman.

According to local sources, the woman used to stay at her parent’s house in Bottoli. She worked as a cook at a school. A theft took place during that time in school. And Abeda Bibi had identified the thieves. The incident left Abeda Bibi to fall prey of wrath of some people. She was manipulated and thrown out of the village. After this Abeda used top reside at her in- law’s house in Milki.

Abeda had gone to Bottoli to attend a wedding where she pulled out and tied to a tree and beaten severely by villagers. Police is Investigating the case. There still hasn’t been any arrest.