Women Molested Infront Of Her Husband At Sodepur Station


Sodepur: An alarming incident took place at busy Sodepur railway station. A woman was molested by a group of miscreants infront of her husband on Wednesday night at Sodepur railway station of North 24 Paraganas.

Reportedly, on Wednesday night, a couple who hails from Naihati Madral, was returning from their relative’s house in Dumdum.Some argument was going on between them, hence they got down at Sodepur station.Though they got down in Sodepur but their argument was still on.

In the meantime, a group of six-seven miscreants appeared before the couple and they started to thrash the husband at the station. Before the couple could understand anything the miscreants allegedly tried to drag the victims to an isolated bushy area near the station. They continuously thrashed the man and tried to rape his wife. The couple said that the bystanders kept watching the whole incident like the silent spectators, no one came for their rescue. Later few people came and saved the couple, after this when the victims complaint it to the Sodepur GRP, the GRP allegedly said to go for mutual resolve. Therefore, on Thursday they have filed a complaint to Dumdum GRP.

The pictures of a loose security at Sodepur railway station was noticed on Thursday morning, day after the incident took place. Female passengers were vexed about their safety in the station area.This incident has again raised the question on women security in our state.

Such an appalling incident has shocked the inhabitants of Sodepur as the place was believed to be safe for the passenger especially who avails the train at night. Lot of female passengers get down in Sodepur station late at night, many even avails the last train but this kind of incident had never taken place before. It is now to see whether the railway authority

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