Women Majority Likely To Hit Panchayet Poll


Suri: A call for more women participation in party agenda and administration welcomed by the Trinamool leader Anubrata Mondal on Sunday. He said so in his address speech at the women worker convention in Dubrajpur .

Focusing on the panchayet election, the convention was oraganised. He was the chief speaker at the convention. A straight message for active participation in politics and taking the prime role in the fore-front came out of his speech.

পঞ্চায়েতে মহিলাতন্ত্র প্রতিষ্ঠার প্রতিশ্রুতি কেষ্টর

Anubrata highlighted the necessity of women development.  In the three-tier panchayet election process TMC will nominate women in 50% seats. Though he is influential leader but he is close to Mamata Banerjee too. His firm address assured strategies for upcoming panchayet election.

The number of women MP-MLA in TMC has already took the concentration of others. They are ahead of others political parties. Mamata Banerjee took the proud. Keeping the same track Anubrata just maintained the same tone in the Women Workers Convention.