Humiliated Heroes: Hockey Team Made To Sit On Train Floor


New Delhi: While PM Narendra Modi announced setting up a task force to help India prepare for the next three Olympics, a rather shameful incident saw some of the Indian women’s hockey team players made to sit on the floor of the train while returning back home from Rio Olympics.

As per CNN-IBN news channel, the tickets of players were unconfirmed and hence the TT asked them to sit on the floor of the bogey of Bokaro-Alleppey Express Train, going from Ranchi to Rourkela.

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As reported by, Panposh Sub-Collector Himanshu Sekhar Behera responded to the controversy stating, “District administration will definitely write to the Railways as the players have represented India in the Rio Olympics and it was the prime duty of the Railways to treat them fairly and would have provided with berths”.

The train left Ranchi at 4 pm and arrived at Rourkela at 6.45 pm.