Women Breastfeed in Public Sentenced For 5 Years


Brasilia: MEPs approved, by majority vote, an amendment banning breastfeeding mothers on roads in babies. According to the website Leaf Web News, Representatives approved by a majority vote, an amendment that prohibits the mothers to breastfeed their babies in public roads.

This initiative was proposed after analyzing those attitudes to be avoided, as breastfeeding in public roads have become a major cause of rape crimes in the country.

State and local governments across the country have six months to modify its rules and set this new arrangement. Women who are caught committing such offenses will be fined up to 30 minimum wages or five years in prison.

Oscar Garcia Barron said “every rule springs from a social need and that is solved is necessary to restore the ideal conditions of coexistence among men and women of our country.” Rogerio Castro Vazquez said the offer is “regressive and authoritarian” and harms society is a new instrument of oppression for women