Women All The Way!


This International women’s day let us reboot the journey of a modern Indian woman—her past, present and future, writes Sarnavo Das.

Today is 8th March, we’ll face another International women’s day to celebrate the spirit of modern Indian women, aplomb. An Indian woman in general has gone through many hardships till now. From Sati ceremony to the phenomenal successes of Saina Nehwal or Madhuri Dixit Nene, the hardships are a plenty; isn’t it?
The government of India has taken numerous initiatives to make our country a better place for the fairer sex. But, there’re many dark clouds that has dented the confidence of our women of late. The Nirbhaya incident in the capital made shockwaves across India. The brutal rape and murder in a bus triggered a storm in a tea cup.
Kajari Chakraborty, a well-educated woman who works in Tata Consultancy Services as an associate said, “Fortunately I didn’t face any barrier so far. My parents always supported me. They never made me realise that I’m a ‘girl’! I generally come back from office at around 12.00 or 1.00 at late night. My parents never made any issue of this. At office too, I never faced gender biasness”, added Kajari.
Not many are fortunate like her and there are numerous stories in Dominique Lapiere’s City of Joy. Yes, there’re opportunities for talented ladies, but the flip side of the coin spells despair, agony, stigma, apathy and sheer unprofessionalism.
Rinky Das, another well-educated modern woman, a Professional Disc Jockey who is freelancing these days said, “On 8th March we’ll get to see hullabaloo all over our country—processions, discussions, lectures etc. Then, from the next day I’ll face lewd remarks from ‘superdudes’ who pretend to be feminist! The problem with my profession is women DJ’s are not in the same page, and that is why we’re suffering”. There should be unity among women otherwise we can’t fight men in the society!”
True, we lack professionalism and at the same time we endorse nepotism which in turn saturates professions across the globe. It is dangerous for working women in a family. The male ego is still there, some men have defied, others still suffering from this ‘trauma’ when they face their ‘competitors’– Rapes, sexual harassment in the job place, pangs of patriarchy in the form of Khap panchayats, murders of women to stop their rise or to check their position in the society!
Above all women are not united. It is a dog-eat-dog world, and women are enemies of women. Until and unless they help each other, the disdain is here to stay.
The female foeticide data is scary in India! The frequency of female foeticide is indirectly estimated from the observed high birth sex ratio, which is the ratio of boys to girls at birth. According to the decennial Indian Census, the sex ratio in the 0to 6 age group in India has risen from 102.4 males per 100 females in 1961, to 104.1 in 1981 to 107.8 in 2001 to 108.8 in 2011. According to the 2011 Census there are 1, 06, 33, 298 boys in the age group 0-1 whereas there are 96, 77, 936 resulting into 109.9 sex ratio (boys per 100 girls)!
Pallab Kirtania, Singer and social activist said “See, our society is a patriarchal society. We’re obsessed with the hues of patriarchy. Our arrogance, ego and dictatorial attitude are in our blood. And, we know that once a woman gets married, she’ll be out-of-our reach. We won’t be able to use her money, her resources and properties. We’ll not be able to exploit her anymore.”
Pallab believes that these are the reasons that led to female foeticide and its dismal figures. The history and sociology of Indian women cannot be ignored in this issue. The psychology of a common man on this respect is abysmal. We need to take care of these issues otherwise nothing is going to change, and yes we have to pull out all the stops.
Mere cheap politics, gimmicks and show-off cannot improve the conditions of these women, right?
Indrani Sen, famous Rabindra Sangeet singer said, “See, first of all our society should be educated. They should learn how to respect women. Only then things can improve. The in-laws should be patient and understand a woman.”
The number of deaths due to dowry is still on the surge, unfortunately. How many slaughters of women will continue?
We should face the mirror first before criticizing women. And, yes we should be serious on our pledge.
Anyways, the picture is not negative there is enough positivity on this issue too. Nowadays, these ‘power-puff girls’ are ruling the society. Films, sports, businesses, judiciary and politics– names like Deepika Padukone, Mithali Raj, Indira Nooyi, Sonia Gandhi and Nita Ambani are doing rounds every nook and corner of India, the largest democracy of the world. So, the writing in the wall is clear—Women all the way!