Woman Sells ‘Donald Trump’ Branded Heroin, Arrested


Washington: A woman has been arrested in New Hampshire for selling “Donald Trump” branded heroin in dose-sized packages.

Police arrested Darcie Rae Hall, 36, of Troy with the sale of the drug, with the name of the presidential candidate stamped on the bags.

The arrest comes after a month-long investigation by New Hampshire’s drug task force and police, as reported by the New Hampshire publication Union Leader, the same newspaper that compared the Republican to an evil movie character and criticised New Jersey governor Chris Christie for endorsing him.

Police forces persuaded a “confidential informant” to buy the drug from Ms Hall through an intermediary by telling the informant they could “obtain favorable consideration” on pending charges of drug possession.

“I also observed that each wax bag was stamped with a ‘Donald Trump’ logo,” the informant wrote in an arrest affidavit.

No reason has been given for the Trump packaging, whether it is meant to convey the dealer’s political beliefs or belie a certain mark of quality to the product.

Ms Hall has pleaded not guilty and her $2,000 bail has been upheld.

Mr Trump has entered many lines of business including education, hotels, golf, bottled water and Trump-branded steaks – but never heroin.

He has previously blamed Mexican immigrants for trafficking drugs into New England, which is reeling from a massive epidemic of heroin use.

His former rival Jeb Bush also indirectly blamed Mexicans for his own daughter’s drug addiction.

Critics of these remarks have rather blamed economic inequality and the over-perscription of opiates for the drug abuse.

In 2013 a drug dealer in Massachusetts labelled hundreds of packets of heroin with the word “Obamacare”.