Woman raped by brother in law


Kolkata: A woman was reported to have been raped by her brother-in-law in the area of Nabab Ali park at Ekbalpur. The worst part is that the barbaric act took place days after days under the knowledge of the woman’s husband and his father in law. She has even complained that they used to beat her up when she raised a voice of complaint.

The locals had come to her rescue and provided her with an alternative shelter. Her father has come from Uttar Pradesh and lodged a complaint against the in-laws at the Entally police station. According to plice, her husband and father in law has been arrested by the police. However, the main guilty, Amit Singh, the lady’s brother in law has fled.

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The police added that the lady was married to Dipankar Singh on in 2000. Since then, she had been facing this barbaric torture in the house of her in-laws.