Woman Puts ‘Healthy Mother-In-Law’ On Sale


New Delhi: In yet another incident showcasing young women exposing their marital strife online, a daughter-in-law recently posted a shocking advertisement on a website that read: “mother in-law in Good condition.”

The advertisement was put up on the website of Faida.com last month. The ad was posted in exchange for a book on mental peace.

The ad also carried a small description: “Mother-in-law in early sixties, a voice so sweet, it can kill the entire neighbourhood. An excellent food critic, no food you make will ever be good enough. She is a great adviser too, there’s always something you can do better!”

However, the controversial post was removed by the website within 10 minutes of it being uploaded.

When contacted, Vipul Paliwal, co-founder and spokesperson, Faida.com, said, “We do come across nasty posts but they are removed immediately once it comes under our scanner. However, this is the first time when we experienced a post like this.”

A similar case was reported last year where a husband was advertised for sale under the pet and pet care section. This ad appeared on the Quikr.com.

Source: Zee News