British MP Killed In Shooting & Stabbing Attack


London: The British woman MP of opposition Labour Party who was shot and stabbed in northern England succumbed to injuries on Thursday.

Officers arrested a 52-year-old man in connection with the attack. They did not name him. “Britain First” is a slogan commonly used by activists who support Britain leaving the European Union. The lawmaker was identified as 41-year-old Jo Cox, a member of the Labor Party representing Batley, and a mother of two.

“Somebody tried to grab [the attacker], wrestling with him and then he wielded a knife, like a hunting knife, just started lunging at her with a knife half a dozen times,” Clarke Rothwell, the owner of a nearby cafe in Birstall, told the BBC.

The suspect ultimately kicked the lawmaker on the ground and walked off “very coolly, very slowly,” leaving her bleeding between two cars, witness Hithem Ben Abdallah told Sky News. “A very courageous man from the dry cleaners tried to restrain him and he couldn’t stop him because all of a sudden he pulled a gun. She was a standing still target for him when he shot her.”

She also has made finding a solution to the Syrian civil war a top priority and has been critical of Britain’s reluctance to deepen its military involvement against Islamic State terrorists as part of that effort.

Describing the gun, Abdallah said, “It looked like a gun from, I don’t know, the First World War or a makeshift, handmade gun. It’s not sort of like the kind of gun you see normally.” He told Sky News the attacker wore a dirty white baseball cap.

Police also said a man in his late 40s or early 50s “suffered slight injuries.” The attack unfolded near a library where Cox was meeting with constituents. Crews airlifted her to Leeds General Infirmary.

Cox, who co-chairs the Friends of Syria All Party Parliamentary Group, was elected in 2015. She graduated from Cambridge University in 1995, the BBC added.