Woman MP Rides on Bike To Parliament on Women’s Day


New Delhi: Woman MP Ranjeet Ranjan on Tuesday rode to Parliament on an orange Harley-Davidson motorcycle to make a statement on Women’s Day.

The 42-year-old Lok Sabha member belonging to Congress from Bihar’s Supaul, wore a blue attire with helmet and sunglasses, rode around Parliament complex before entering the House to take part in day’s proceedings.

A mother of two, Ranjeet said she does not allow even her husband Rajesh Ranjan, also a Lok Sabha member from Bihar, to touch the bike, which she had purchased from her own earnings. However, he does get a chance to sit pillion as she rides the American monster.
Prices of Harley-Davidson motorcycles start from around Rs 4.5 lakh.

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Ranjeet said she can come to Parliament on motorcycle and cycle daily. “My life has been such that my parents have never objected to whatever I have done so far,” she said. She later also participated in the discussion on Women’s Day in Lok Sabha.