Woman Left On Kolkata Footpath After Alleged Gang Rape


Kolkata: The incident at the North Port police station area on Friday raises doubts
over the safety of the those living in the footpaths. Chaos sparked in the area
after a 20-year-old woman was found unconscious in the footpath.

It has been alleged that the woman was gang-raped. She was rushed to the hospital
where the doctors immediately started treatment. According to sources, her
condition is stated to be critical. There is a deep injury in private part.

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As per sources, she used to live on footpath. The police, while investigating found
that, three youths are involved in the incident. After questioning locals, the
police found important links using which they arrested two of the youths.

The police is on a lookout for the third accused. The arrested youths are being
questioned at frequent intervals.

One of the panic-striken footpath-dwellers said, “We do not have a place to live.
We live in a helpless situation. We are compelled to live in this way with our
family. We are feeling unsafe after hearing about the incident.”

Last month, a girl child’s body was found from a manwhole. She was also a
footpath-dweller. The post-mortem reports revealed that she was sexually assaulted
and then murdered. The murdered was arrested later.

A footpath-dweller of Shyambazar said, “We want to appeal to the authorities to make out safety stronger. We have to work very hard the whole day to eat meals twice a day. Feeling unsafe, if we cannot sleep at night, then how will we survive?”

Reporting By: Soyeta Bhattacharya
Editing By: Saheli Dey