Woman lands in jail for making loud moans during sex


London: If giving out moaning sounds while having sex had been a orgasmic drive, it was the time to rethink about the fetish at as a woman from Birmingham was apparently sentenced to prison for breaching anti-social behaviour order by making loud sex noises.  Gemma Wale was given a two-week prison sentence after a civil court judge concluded that she had broken the order by screaming and shouting while having sex, which annoyed her neighbour, reported the Independent.

Judge Emma Kelly said that the anti-social behaviour order had barred Wale from making loud pleasure noises and from causing nuisance by playing loud music, shouting, swearing, making banging noises, stamping and slamming doors.The judge claimed that according to a neighbour’s complaint, around 5 am on January 29 Wale had started screaming and shouting while having sex, which woke him up.

The judge rules against the decision after finding her guilty of the crime

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