Woman Holds Onto Her Father’s Body For 5 Days


Bardhaman: Chaos spread at Bardhaman after a similar ‘Robinson street’ incident took place on Sunday over the recovery of an old man’s rotten body.

The incident occurred in the Mukhtapara village in Madhabadihira in Burdwan. A woman was found held onto her father Soren Puncha’s body allegedly for the last 5 days. Suspicions arouse after a rotten smell was emitting from her room. On several enquiries by the neighbors, they were informed that Soren was perfectly healthy.

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But, as the intensity of the smell increased, they informed the police. The police came and recovered her father’s body. It has been reported that the girl told to the police that she wanted her father’s dead body to be buried inside the home.

As per sources, the woman used to stay with her father. She left her father-in law’s house long ago. The police have started an investigation.