Hospital Denies Admission, Woman Gives Birth In Drain


Bhubaneswar: A woman in Koraput gave birth in a drain near the canteen of Koraput District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) in Koraput in Odisha after allegedly being denied admission.

She claimed that doctors refused to check her due to lack of documents. However, she was later admitted. She was visiting her ailing husband who is admitted to the hospital when she complained of labour pain. The superintendent of the hospital has denied all allegations.

When the woman complained of pain and asked the nurse there for a check-up, she was asked to furnish her Mamata Yojana beneficiary card and other documents.

When she failed to show the beneficiary card, she claims that the hospital staff ignored her plea.  She gave birth to a baby near the canteen of the hospital. The incident has yet again brought to light the poor state of medical facilities in the country.