Woman Gets Expensive Car From Mother-In-Law After Giving Birth Girl


Lucknow: Our news feed are clouded with news about assault on women, rape and female foeticide, but not all news about birth of a girl child end on a sad note. Likewise, in Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur district, an elated mother-in-law could not control her sentiments after her daughter-in-law gave birth to a baby girl.

To celebrate the birth of her granddaughter, the joyous grandparent gifted an expensive car to the new mother. Meet Prema Devi, a retired health department inspector who believes that daughters are better than having sons.

According to a report by Indian Samwad, Devi hosted a small party after Khushbu, her daughter-in-law gave birth to a little girl. At the party, the happy grandmother announced that on Diwali she would gift a Honda City to Khushbu to celebrate the arrival of new member to the family.

Touched by the gesture, Khushbu said that she is extremely blessed to have Prema Devi as her mother-in-law. She also added that daughters-in-law should treat their mothers-in-law like their own mothers.

The report added Prema Devi saying, “The practice of female infanticide can only end when daughters-in-law are treated as daughters. After all they are somebody else’s daughters as well”.

Prema Devi’s son is a government official at Hamirpur district headquarters and her daughter-in-law Khushbu is a housewife. The family is extremely delighted about the new addition to the family and has been celebrating it with immense joy.

While the money spent on the gift does not matter much, the views and gestures of Prema Devi is certainly winning hearts. Hope their story inspire many others and contributes to gender equality.